Personal work – X100S & The British Museum

Fuji X100S reportage

Time to revisit this neglected blog. Some personal work first and I plan to post this more regularly, as it’s still the way I shoot outside of commissions. A couple of hours at The British Museum with my son and the X100S. It was his first time there and it did seem to capture his imagination and interest. I was amazed at how much he knew from lessons at school and could recognize objects as he came across them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so engrossed looking at display cabinets. With me I had a small camera that has really grown on me. It’s my carry around camera now. The iphone is all well and good but it’s not a camera. I like something that looks like a camera, feels like a camera, has a viewfinder, manual controls and can deliver real high quality image files.

This Fuji, looks like a retro rangefinder. It’s small, light and has a fast fixed lens that is the equivalent of a 35mm f2. A converter attached to the lens changes it into a 28mm equivalent and soon I’ll get hold of what I’ve been waiting for this past year, a converter to replicate the 50mm field of view. A leaf shutter means it is silent and I mean really silent. You have to check the lcd screen on the back sometimes to check you did take a photo when the ambient noise levels are high. The sensor is astonishing for it’s size. There are rumours that a forthcoming X200 could be full frame. There is every chance Fuji could hit it out of the park with that. I have the X-E2 and X-T1 cameras too – it’s a system that is progressing very quickly. The ‘big boys’ like Canon and Nikon need to look out!

After the British Museum, it was The Forbidden Planet…hence the mask.


Fuji X100S reportage

The Rosetta stone in a case at the British Museum

Looking at the Egypt collection

Boy using an ipod to photograph a sculpture from The Parthenon at The British Museum


Boy engrossed in the display cabinets in the British Museum


Boy engrossed in the display cabinets in the British Museum



Boy taking photos with his ipod in a museum


Old Roman busts at the Brtish Museum

Detail of a wonder woman and Superman embrace figurine


X100S portrait of Boy in a batman mask on the tube in London

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