Digital strikes again!

It looks like the “Digital Photography Revolution” has claimed another scalp. Another of London’s professional labs has, it seems, ceased trading. It was a shock to receive an email a couple of days ago informing me that Panther Imaging, from whom I had received some prints only the day before, had ceased trading.

Going to their website, Panther Imaging, all you find now is a single page with a note. I quote some of that now as it highlights one of the negative impacts digital has had upon the photographic industry…

It is with great regret that after 10 years on this site and over 30 years in the Clerkenwell area Panther has had to close its doors and stop trading.

Surprisingly it only 6-7 years since digital photography really gained popular support, although we have been involved with it since the early 1990’s. Home printing and the lack of desire to see images printed has gradually led the decline in demand for the services that we offer. Now it seems more popular to store pictures on a mobile phone or on a computer without ever making a printed copy – we have always been concerned that family history will be lost as these storage methods are lost or replaced.

By introducing a bespoke framing service in 2004 we have been able to complement our other services and this helped us to survive until our 10th anniversary on this site. However even this is now not enough to allow us to continue.

All of my staff are passionate about what they do and we hope this has been evident in the level of service and care that we have always strived for when undertaking your work. We are all saddened by our demise and would like to thank every one of our clients, for their business over the years . “

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