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Following on from yesterday’s post about Gadaffi/Libya/propaganda posters, I ended up looking through my pictures from that trip. Here are a few travelogue images of Tripoli and the archaeological sites at Sabratha and Leptis Magna. The latter has the potential to be a tourism goldmine ( that is for cultural tourists rather than those who travel halfway around the world to sit by a hotel swimming pool ). Libya will never be an 18-30 holiday destination, despite the ruins to Bacchus scattered around. Excavated, only partially so far, by mainly Italian and English archaeologists, and a vast, mostly deserted site, set by the Mediterranen Sea it rivals Pompeii as an insight into Roman times. I always said I would go back, kicking myself now that I didn’t, let’s hope that things will change in Libya and it will open up again as a country to visit.


All images © Martin Beddall   Images shot on a Canon 5D.

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